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The Aligned Athlete 

For Athletes by Athletes 

The Aligned Athlete is for athletes by athletes. We create sports specific programming designed to help athletes reach their peak performance by increasing their flexibility, mobility, strength, and mindfulness.

What We Do

We meet athletes exactly where they are at. We understand what each athlete needs something different to perform in their given sport and position. With functional and mobility testing we asses the athlete's weaknesses and vulnerable areas to create specialized sport and position-specific programming for the season and offseason. 

We have a strong focus on injury prevention, rehabilitation, overall performance enhancement, and with the goal of extending the careers of our athletes. 

Book A Session 

  • Let's find out what you or your athletes need. 30-minute consultation.
    30 min
  • Sports Specific Private Session
    1 hr
  • Sports specific small group session. 2-5 Athletes per session
  • Sports specific small group session. 2-8 Athletes per session
    1 hr
  • Sports specific group session. 6-10 athletes per session
    1 hr
  • Sports specific small group session. 11-30 Athletes per session
    1 hr
  • 30-60 Athletes
    1 hr

Player & Team Relationships 

Book On the GO 

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